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DuPont Tyvek Classic

DuPont Tyvek Classic 1 (NCT8530)DuPont Tyvek Classic 1 (NCT8530)

Every year, millions of TYVEK® Classic suits protect users throughout the world. Whether you’re working in chemicals, food-processing, pharmaceuticals, industrial cleaning and maintenance or paint spraying, TYVEK® Classic apparel from DuPont offers you safe and reliable protection, tried and tested for 150 hazardous substances in a host of applications.

Today, in two out of three cases, TYVEK® Classic is the chosen protection against solid particles exposure (Type 5), and mist, i.e. low-level liquid aerosols from water-based chemical spray (Type 6).

Why do two out of three users choose TYVEK® Classic?

Because their life may depend on it ...

The perfect balance between barrier effect, durability and comfort