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Flame/Arc Flash Conti Suit

Flame/Arc Flash Conti Suit (Jacket North & Trouser North)Flame/Arc Flash Conti Suit (Jacket North & Trouser North)

Flame retardant and Acid resistant workwear

Physical Properties:

  • 1 Layer system. T059 100% Cotton 4/1, Satin Twill, blue, Flame retardant material treated with AFLAMENT

Testing Method:

  • The test method used determines the heat transport response through a fabric or fabric system when exposed to the heat energy from an electric arc. (8 kA rms)

Test results:

  • After testing the material in accordance with the Standard Test method for determining Arc Thermal performance, ASTM F1959-05 the North flame and acid resistant clothing achieved the following results:
  • ARC RATING, ATPV (Arc Thermal Performance Value) = 13.5 cal/cm2


  • Flame resistant clothing for workers exposed to Electrical arcs as well as Acid splashes


  • Independently tested by Kinectrics Inc, Ontario, Canada.
    Test report # K-422743-001-R00