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Safety Footwear: Safety Shoes, Gumboots and Metagaurds.

Lemaitre, Bronx, Caterpillar, Bova safety shoes and boots also available.  Safety Shoes are another key safety item that should they not be worn where necessary can incapasitate an employee for months due to a foot injury that will now prevent him/her from preforming even the most mundane functions.  This can result in exorbitant cost to the employer, properly fitted and approriate safety shoes are an OHS requirement and a fundemental safety garment that no employee can afford to do with out.  Should you not be able to find the approriate safety shoe, please contact us directly.  We offer steel-toe safety shoes that can depending on brand offer heat resistance, acid and slip resistance etc. We also provide the metagaurd, this is a detachable guard that protects mid-foot and metatarsals, that attaches to the top of the shoe to cover your toes and upper foot providing additional proteciton.

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